In Galatians chapter one. It’s not a long chapter compared to some chapters that we’ve seen. But I’m gonna spend two weeks in Galatians chapter one. So the first week, what I’ll do is I’ll preach through every verse, and I’m going to focus on one very specific spot in Galatians chapter one.

For this first sermon, we’re gonna look at the birth of Paul. We’re gonna look at Paul’s origins as a Christian because we get some information in Galatians chapter one. That’s new information. It’s information that we didn’t get in the story and Act.

So what I want to do is I want to put those two stories together for you this evening. And then, of course, we’ll apply it as normal. And then next week, what we’ll do is we’ll preach. I’ll still be in Galatians chapter one. And we’ll start to look at what’s actually happening in the Church of Galatia.

So this morning, I’m sorry.

Galatians 1 (Part 1)

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