So we’re starting a new series tonight. We’re starting a series called Baptist Basics. And the first sermon in this series is covered in quite extensively, actually, in John chapter six, Jesus here in John chapter six is going over. He’s using one thing about Jesus that I love a lot of things.

I love everything about Jesus. But one of the things about his intellect that I really appreciate is that he uses everything as a teachable moment so he could here at the beginning of John chapter six, he feeds the 5,000. I mean, he literally does a miracle where he literally feeds bread to 5,000 people.

And then he launches into this major teachable moment in John chapter six about how comparing physical, actual bread to the spiritual bread of believing on him, and how one, if you eat bread, you have to keep eating bread and keep eating bread.

And if you don’t eat bread, you’ll die. And even if you do eat bread and eat bread and eat bread, you’re eventually gonna physically die anyway, as he uses that example of the Manna in the wilderness.

But he says, me the bread of life. He said, when you eat of this bread, and he knows that there’s

people that don’t believe what he’s saying.

And he’s just in one of those situations where he’s just

teaching a truth to even people that aren’t believing.

So he says, But if you eat of this bread, you know of me,

he’s talking about the bread.

And he says these two words over and over again in John chapter

six of believing on bleeding on him.

If you eat of that bread, you will never die.

You will never die.

You will have everlasting life.

So this evening, I want to talk to you about this doctrine,

which is basically the fundamental of our faith.

And it is a very separating.

And you can see, even in John chapter six, how this doctrine,

this teaching was a separating teaching.

What did it say?

It said after Jesus taught this, many of his own disciples

didn’t follow him anymore.

It was a very separating doctrine.

So we’re going to talk this evening about this doctrine of

eternal security this evening in John chapter six.

That is exactly what Jesus teaching.

He is saying, when you eat of this bread, not, you know,

the physical bread that we just fed the 5,000, you will never

hunger. You will never die, but you will have everlasting

life. So the question this evening is this, can you lose

your Salvation?

We’re going to look at this in detail.

I hope you have a Bible.

We’re going to be flipping through your Bible.

And just let me say this, there’s no way we can get to all

the Bible on this.

There is so much Bible on eternal security.

What I want to do this evening, if I had a title for the

sermon, it would be the logical case for eternal security.

I want to think through this this evening using some very

simple Bible philosophy and just think through the logical

case for eternal security.

Can you lose your Salvation?

This is Protestant isn’t today.

This is the Protestants today.

We’ll say, you know, it’s faith in Jesus, belief in Jesus,

but you can lose it.

You can lose it by doing X, Y, and Z or whatever.

Fill in the blank.

It depends on who you talk to.

You’ll get different answers or what you have to do to lose

that Salvation.

Look, Protestantism, in my opinion, is worse than Catholicism

in many cases because of the fact that at least Catholics,

we’ll come up to you and say, Yes, you’re saved by your works.

It’s by works.

You must do works.

But Protestants are so wrapped around the axle with this

faith plus works theology, that is.

It’s very tough sometimes to unwrap them from that axle.

But we’re going to start this evening by giving you the logical

case for eternal security.

It’s this strange mix of faith versus faith mixed with works

that we have trouble with out there or some people have trouble

with. The Bible doesn’t have any trouble of it.

But Here’s the thing.

The Bible has a lot to say about this doctrine.

Turn it back to John chapter six.

If you’re still there, this is the teachings of Jesus himself.

Look at John chapter six.

Jesus is using this idea of the bread of life to teach eternal

security. Here, look at John chapter six and verse 31.

He says, Our fathers did eat Manna in the desert.

As it is written, he gave them bread from heaven to eat.

Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, Verily.

I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven.

But my Father gives you the true bread from heaven.

He’s talking to the Jews here, the unbelieving Jews.

For the bread of God is he that comes down from heaven and

give his life under the world.

This is what he gets all offended.


Like you, he said, he came from heaven.

Isn’t this a Carpenter’s son?


So they get all offended because he’s basically claiming

to be the Christ.

Look at verse 35.

And Jesus said it to him, I am that bread of life.

He that cometh to me shall never hunger.

And you say, What does cometh to me mean?

Well, then he explains it right here.

And he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

But I said unto you that you also have seen me and believe

not so.

These people do not believe on him.

And the Father that gives me, she’ll come to me, and and

him that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out.

So he says, Look, you know, if you believe on me, you will

never hunger.

He’s like you.

Well, I am that bread of life.

And I will never cast you out.

So much for this idea that God can give up on you or walk

away from you.

He says here, I will never cast you out.

For I came down from heaven not to do my own will, but the

will of Him that sent me.

And this is the Father’s will which him that sent me, that

he that I’m sorry, that of all which he has given me, I should

lose nothing but should raise it up again that last day.

And this is the people that say you have to do the will of

God. You have to do the will, God to go to heaven.

Well, Here’s the will of God, verse 40 right here.


The will of God is what.

And this is the will of him that sent me, that everyone to

see its his son and believe us on him may have everlasting

life. I mean, he just breaks it right down right there and

I will raise him up at the last day.

So what I want to do is I kind of want to flip this thing

on its head this evening.

And I just don’t want to go through Bible verse after Bible

verse on eternal security.

I want to try to see if we can make some sense out of the

arguments against eternal security, the things that we see

out there sole winning.

So Here’s the first one.

Here’s the first one that we’ll hear from a lot of Protestants.

And this is one actually before I got saved that I actually

used to believe.

And is this maybe it’s eternal security after you die.

So, you know, you have eternal life.

It’s eternal life after you physically die, then it’s eternal

life. But you don’t really know that you have it until just

hang with me here.

All right?

It’s eternal life after you die.

So, look, we only have really one ruler criteria here.

We’re Bible believing Baptist.

We believe everything in the Bible.

So the whole Bible must be true.

That’s the only criteria that you need to have this evening.


The whole Bible must be true.

The Bible.

Look, the Bible cannot contradict itself.

If you believe something in the Bible and it contradicts

something else that you read in the Bible, it’s either one

of 2 things.

If you’re reading a verse here or versus here, and you say

these two things don’t match up, either you’re interpreting

it wrong.

Either you are misunderstanding one of those verses or the

Bible has a contradiction in it.

Look, the problems you I’m just going to tell you right now,

the problem is you if you are reading something in the Bible

that you believe contradicts something else in the Bible,

you are misunderstanding one of those verses.

So that is the only thing.

Because look, if one thing in the Bible was wrong, the whole

thing is out the window.

Because if I tell you that this book has one error in it,

but I’m not going to tell you where the error is.

You can’t trust any of it.

But there is no errors in the Bible.

I’ve not found one yet.

There is no errors in the Bible.

So the fact that it’s without error is the biggest miracle

of the book itself.

Okay, so look, the whole Bible must be true.

That’s our design criteria for this evening.

Okay, so Let’s say somebody could believe on Jesus.

They could trust in Jesus.

Turn to Ephesians chapter one.

What does believe on mean?

Let’s just define the rules here.

What does believe on mean?

Turn to Ephesians chapter one.

You see this again and again.

You see, believe on.

Believe on, believe on.

Sometimes it’s believe in.

But what does this mean?

Turn to Ephesians chapter one and then keep a finger in Ephesians

chapter one.

We’re going to be coming back there later on in the sermon.

Look at Ephesians chapter one and verse 12.

What does the leave on mean when Jesus says this in John

chapter six, John chapter three, many other places in the

Bible. What does it mean?

Ephesians chapter one.

Look at verse 12 that we should be to the praise of his glory,

who first trusted in Christ, in whom that he also trusted.

After that, he heard the word of truth.

What is the word of truth, the gospel of your Salvation,

and whom also after that, he believed.

So here we see the word trusted and believed used interchangeably.

So to believe means to trust, to believe on means to trust.

And then it says after that, look, it says after that you

were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promises.

Other places in the Bible, it uses believe in in John 3 16.

But most other places that believe on.

Okay, if HES in chapter one is showing us that that means

to trust in Jesus, in the word of truth in the gospel.

Okay, that’s what it means.

So Let’s say back to the sermon, Let’s say that someone could

trust in Jesus.

Someone could trust in Jesus and through actions of their

own. Or look, mis actions of their own.

They trust in Jesus at this point in their life.

And then through mis actions or actions or sin or whatever

in their life, God would take this away from them.

He would take this life away from them.

And you say, okay, you know, I’m tracking you.

I could trust in Jesus and then do all these bad things,

you know, this sin and this sin and this sin.

And then God would take that away from me.

Okay, so the question I would immediately have to ask is,

okay, what are those sins?

What are those sins that I could do that could make me lose

my Salvation.

So I can avoid those things like the plague, right?

I mean, who wants to lose their Salvation?

I mean, raise your hand if you want to lose your Salvation.


We what in the world.

It’s terrible.

We got to stay away from this stuff.

So Let’s look for this list.

This is, first of all, you know, I don’t know, the only place

that could really find anything that even comes close as

Revelation Chapter 21.

Go ahead and turn there.

Let’s give that one a shot.

It talks about a list of sins that will get people to the

second death.

A list of sins that will get people into hell in Revelation

21 8.

Look at this list.

The Bible says, But the fearful and unbelieving in the abominable

and the murderers and Hor, mongers and sorcerers and idolaters,

pretty bad people there.

Pretty bad list and all liars.

We got a problem here.

She’ll have their part in the Lake with Ernest, with fire

and brimstone, which is the second death.

So there you are after you believe if you lie, you’re getting

the second death.

Except go to John chapter 10.

Remember our design criteria here that the whole Bible has

to make sense.

So if you’re going to read Revelation Chapter 21, verse number

eight, and say, If you do those sins, you lose your Salvation

and you’re gonna get the second death, you’re gonna have

a lot of problems with other parts of the Bible.

I’ll just give you one example.

Just look at the front of your bulletin.

John chapter 10, look at verse 28.

This is the words of Jesus.

If you have a read letter Bible, these words are red.

John chapter 10, verse 28.

And I give unto them eternal life.

First of all, what does he give you?

It’s eternal life.

How long is eternal last?

And tell you why I give unto them eternal life.

And they shall perish when they shall never perish.

Neither shall any man fucked him out of my hand.

Well, that’s interesting.

I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish.

Neither show any man packed him out of my hand.

He basically said the same thing three times there.

Did you get that?

He says, they give unto them eternal life.

He could have stopped right there.

He’s like, You have eternal life.

That’s it.

But then he says again, and they shall never perish.

Well, it’s kind of the same thing as having eternal life.

If you have eternal life, you’re never gonna get the second

debt. If you have eternal life, you’re never gonna die.

And then he says it again, almost like we’re dense.

Almost like we’re thickheaded.

Neither shall any man.

Maybe they’ll think maybe they’ll think someone or even themselves

could do something that could make them lose this eternal

life. No.

No man, no man can take this away from you.

He says, my father, which gave them me, is greater than all.

Why can no man take it away?

Because my father, God, the Father, is more powerful than

any of you people, including yourselves, no matter how great

you think you are.

My father, which gave them.

He is greater than all.

And no man.

He says it again.

He says it again, is able to pluck them out of my father’s

hand. God holds your Salvation.

He’s saying so as he gives you this eternal life, he gives

you this Salvation and God holds it.

You don’t hold it.

Turn back.

Ephesians chapter two.

Ephesians chapter two.

Ephesians chapter two.

I’m gonna give you.

I mean, you’ve probably read this verse as a sole winner

maybe a million times.

Gonna give you something else to think about here.

Ephesians chapter two, you say I already know this.

Well, I just want to give you maybe some better thoughts,

some different thoughts on how you can explain this to people.

Look at divisions 2-8-9.

For by Grace, are you saved through faith and not of yourselves?

It is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should

boast. Look at verse number nine.

Don’t forget verse number nine, the reason for Salvation

being not of works.

In Ephesians chapter two, verse 8 and nine.

In in verse number nine, he gives the reason for it is what?

What is the reason?

The reason for it not being of work here.

It’s my Grace through faith is so you can’t brag about it,

right? It is.

So you can’t say I did this myself, right?

If you get one thing.

Look, if you read the Bible again and again and again, you

know what?

You’re going to realize?

You’re gonna kind of see the nature of God.

You’re gonna kind of learn God’s personality, and you’re

gonna realize how stupid it is when people say, Oh, that’s

Old Testament God versus New Testament God.

Because when you read the Bible again and again and again,

you realize same personality here.

Same personality.

If you know one thing about God, it’s this.

He wants to credit me.

He sent his son to die for you.

What in the world?

He wants the credit for it.

He doesn’t want you boasting about it.

That’s why it’s by Grace, through faith and not of yourselves.

Look, it’s not of you, not even a little bit.

You can’t take any credit now if you are responsible for

keeping your own Salvation.

If you get saved when you’re 32 years old, and then from

the time that you’re 32 years old to the time that you’re

90, you live a Godly Christian life, and you hang on to that

thing. We’re going to see how stupid that is, too.

And it just a few minutes.

But Let’s say you do that.

You live a Godly Christian life and you hang on to your Salvation.

What could you if that’s the case, what could you say when

you stood before Jesus at the judge of seat of Christ?

What could you say?

You know what you could say?

Look at that wonderful works that I’ve done.

You could say, Lord, Lord, look at all the things that I

did in your name.

From the time I was 32 years old to the time that I was 90.

Look at my wonderful works.

I hung on to it.

You could take credit, could you?


To the time of your physical death.

You could take that would be quite an accomplishment that

you could talk to Jesus about.

Think about it.

Kind of sounds like these people.

Turn to Matthew chapter seven.

Well, you say.


Well, the Bible covers these people.

The Bible leaves no stone unturned.

Look, people haven’t changed.

It’s all the same thing, folks.

Look at Matthew chapter seven.

Look at Matthew chapter seven and verse 21.

Matthew chapter seven, verse 21.

Not everyone that sat on to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into

the Kingdom of heaven.

These people are calling Jesus Lord, folks.

But he the death.

The will of my Father, which is in heaven.

What’s the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Let me read for you, John 6 40.

And this is the will of him that sent me that everyone that

see at the Sun and believe on him may have everlasting life.

Many will say to me in that day to Matthew chapter seven.

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not

prophesied in thy name in that I name cast out Devils in

thy named on many wonderful works.

And then I will profess onto them.

I never knew you depart from me.

You that work iniquity these people are going to hell.

These people are going to hell.

And Jesus didn’t say I knew you.

And then I forgot you.

And then you did that sin.

And I forgot.

You know he never knew him.

They know him.

But that doesn’t matter.

He’s got to know you right.

He’s got to know you.

And they were trusting in themselves.

They never believed on Jesus.

They never trusted in Jesus.

Salvation is not a look, Salvation is not of works.

You want to treat us on that you come on Wednesday nights,

we’re gonna tear that thing down to the last blade of grass.

It’s not of works.

Not even a little bit, because you’re trusting.

Look, if you’re trusting your works, even to keep your Salvation,

you’re trusting yourself.

But Here’s something.

Turn to Revelation chapter 20.

Here’s something that is of works.

Here’s something that is of works.

You know what’s of works?

Damn nation is of works.

Damn nation is of works.

Look at Revelation chapter 20 and verse number 11.

These are the people that did not believe on Jesus.

These are the people that are standing at the great white

throne. Judgment.

And I saw a great white throne and him that sat on it, from

whose face the Earth and heaven fled away.

And there was found no place for them.

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God.

And the books were open.

And another book was open.

Which is the book of life and the Dad were judged out of

those things which were written in the books.

Those books were the law.

Those books were the law, the Commandments, the Bible.

According to their works, they were judged with.

Folks, if you’re judged by your works, turn to Isaiah chapter

six. If you’re judged by your works, you’re toast.

That’s right.

If you’re judged, I don’t care how good of a person you think

you are.

If you’re judged by your works, you’re done, and you’re gonna

go to hell.

Turn Isaiah chapter six.


Chapter 61.

I’m sorry.

The Bible says in verse 10, I will greatly rejoice in the

Lord. My soul shall be joyful in my God, for he had clothed

me with the garments of Salvation.

Don’t forget that he has covered me with the robe of righteousness.

As a bridegroom decoded himself with ornaments as a bride

adorned herself with her jewels.

Look, folks, being saved doesn’t mean you suddenly become

a great person.

Being saved means someone else puts a knife garment on you.

They look, you’re clothed with somebody else’s righteousness.

When you’re saying we wear his righteousness, it’s not suddenly

our own.

We wear his.

It’s a garment that we put on.

It’s like the bride and her jewels.

The bride is made beautiful by the jewels.

I’m safe.

So I’m this great person now, and I’m gonna keep my Salvation.

No, folks, it’s not only not biblical, but it’s not logical.

The Bible does not contradict itself in words or in philosophy.

It’s not logical either.

Let me explain this to you.

Turn to First John chapter five.

Turn to first John chapter five.

This idea that you could get saved, that you could believe

in Jesus.

You could trust in Jesus.

But then at that point, you got to be good or not.

Do these sins or you’ll lose that.

Go to First John chapter five, and we can.

Verse 13.

The whole Bible is true.

The whole Bible is true.

The whole Bible is true.

Every word, every verse.

Look at one St.

John chapter five and verse 13.

These things have I written on you that believe on the name

of the Son of God?

There it is again.

Who is he saying?

He’s talking to?

People that are saved here.

You think people that have believed on the name of the Son

of God, that you may what?

That you may be pretty sure that you have eternal life and

that you may believe on the name of the Son of God.

That you may think that you may know.

That you may know that you may know what if you could believe

in Jesus and trust in Jesus, but then you had to keep yourself

from certain sins.

You had to turn from certain sins, all your sins, whatever,

until you died physically.

Look, you could never know.

And don’t tell me you could because you’re a liar.

If you say that because you could never know you know why?

Because there’s no specific list of sins in the Bible.

It’s not there.

You would actually.

And look, you would actually.

Look, I’m an engineer.

You would actually need more than just a list.

You would need.

You would need, like, charts, graphs.

I think about performance analysis.

If you’re going to tell me that there are certain sins that

can take away my Salvation.

I need some charts.

I need some performance curves.

I need horsepower versus flow.

I need head versus flow.

I mean, we’ve got to figure out the efficiency of this thing,

so I make sure that I’m in the green.

I mean, I don’t want to drive this thing into the red.

I mean, that’s risky territory.

I mean, you would need a time frame.

You would need seriousness of sins in there.

I mean, you would basically need a chart that shows seriousness

of sins on the Yaxis.

And then, like, time on the X axis to be the simplest.

You could do it.

I’ll thought this through.

Look, there’s no charts in the Bible.

There’s no list of these things.

Look, Here’s maybe one the teenagers will understand.

Probably not the teenagers in this Church.

It’s like a video game.

Probably not the teenagers in this Church.

Thank God.

If you like a video game where you have, like, Salvation,

that’s like, your life.

And every sin light takes away some life.

And then, like, some sins take away more life than the other

sins. But then every time you go to Church, you get more

life. And then every time you get baptized get more life.

Every time you give money to Church, more life depends on

how much money, more life.

But, I mean, you would have to have, like, you see how confused.

I mean, look, some sins take.

I mean, we know all sins aren’t equal.

We’ve already done that.

So some sins would definitely take away our Salvation faster

than other sins.

And, you know, Here’s the thing.

Everybody’s understanding of what sins are bad and what sins

take away their Salvation is different.

You know why it’s different?

Because it’s not in the Bible.

I’m at a Pentecostal Lady.

One time, she told me she’s like, Yeah, I’m saved.

I believe in Jesus.

And I’m saved.

Could you ever lose that?


As long as I don’t commit 12 sins a day.

Like, what in the world?

You know?

I mean, but Here’s the thing.

It’s not in the Bible.

So where are they getting these things?

They’re getting it from their preacher.

They’re getting it from some false profit that tells them

what sins that they can’t commit or they’ll lose their Salvation.

I mean, I don’t know.

It’s a pretty good idea if you want to control people.

Like, if you guys aren’t doing what I’m saying, if you aren’t

doing, look, you’re not back at being the carpet or whatever

good enough.

It’s like, listen, vacuum harder, or you’re gonna go to hell.

I mean, I know that’s a simple example, but that’s really

what’s happening here.

You know, you can’t control your wife or you don’t like the

way that you’re you just tell them that they’re going to

go to hell if they backslide or whatever, you know?

I mean, it’s a control mechanism.

The Catholic Church has been doing it with infant baptism

since, you know, the 300 ad.

You want to come, you want your kids to go to heaven, you

better bring him here.

It’s like, why didn’t people see this coming?

People did.

They were called Baptists, and they got burned.

They got tortured and they got killed for it.

Look, you say this is all silly to even think about this

video game life versus taking away your life and getting

more and just not getting past the point where you die because

then you got to be born again again, which isn’t in the Bible

either. I mean, you say it sounds dumb, but look, folks,

this is the Reformation, right?

I mean, this is Protestants today.

So Let’s go back to the logic part.

So we know.

Look, we’re told we can know we have eternal life, right?

First, John 5 13, that you may know.

It’s very clear.

I mean, that’s not a complicated statement that you may know

that you have eternal life.

People and people believe it operates by this weird game.

These rules are not in the variable.

And these people, where are they getting them?

They’re getting them from some false Prophet that’s teaching

things that are not in the Bible.

It’s that simple.

Their pastor or whoever is telling them what will send them

to hell.

They know how much they must come to Church and do all these

things, whatever.

So look, Here’s another one on how you can keep your Salvation

that you’ll hear many times, a lot of times from Protestants.

I believe this myself or half my life.

And it’s this.

You can keep your Salvation by confessing your sins.

You can keep your Salvation by confessing your sins, by,

you know, asking for forgiveness.

You’ll hear this at the door many times.

What if you sin?

Well, you just have to ask for forgiveness.

Now, Here’s what the actual reality of these people is have

run into these people so many times.

Most people that believe this, Let’s think this one through.

Let’s think this one through.

Most people that believe this ultimately believe that everyone

is going to go to heaven, okay?

The more people and you say, I’m not sure.

Just trust me.

People that believe that all you have to do is ask for forgiveness,

and then you’ll be able to go to heaven or you’ll be able

to keep your Salvation or whatever.

First of all, asking for forgiveness is a work that you do.

It’s a work is you doing something.

Okay, look, it’s a good thing to do.

Don’t get me wrong.

Nothing to do with your Salvation.

So I have to ask for forgiveness.

But people that believe this think everyone’s going to heaven.

Because I’ll always say at the door, I’ll always say whenever

somebody gives me a work based answer, I’ll always say to

people, What if I don’t do those things?

So when they say, well, you just have to ask for forgiveness,

and then I’ll just say, What if I just never ask for forgiveness?

What if I’m just a horrible human being and I never ask for

forgiveness? And those people will almost always say, Well,

I just think God’s gonna forgive you anyway.

I mean, so the question is, the question is, are most people

going to heaven?

Turn to loop chapter 13?

I mean, look, I mean, that’s a good question.

I mean, if you don’t know, the answer to that question was

answered for you right now, we just take a rabbit trail and

find out, are most people going to heaven?

I mean, it’s a nice thought.

I wish most people were going to heaven.

I mean, I would like most people to go to heaven, would you

not? I mean, who wants people to go to hell?

I mean, who would want people to go to hell?

Look at Luke 13 and verse 23.

The Bible says, then one then said one unto him, Lord, I’m

in a pretty direct question right here.

Are there few that be saved?

And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the straight

gate. Straight meaning not straight as an arrow.

Straight meaning narrow, like a canal like the one that the

ship got caught in.

That’s a straight gate.

Okay, the ship got caught in the narrow gate for many.


Many ships could not go through that that canal.

One shit blocked it up so many could not go through it.

It was just one at a time.

So I said to you, Many will seek to enter in and she’ll not

be able.

He answers it in more detail in Matthew 7 13.

Here he says, Enter you in at the straight gate.

For wide is the gate the opposite of this.

And broad is the way that lead us to destruction.

And many be there with that.

Go in there at because straight is the gate, and narrow is

the way which lead us unto life.

And few be that find it.

Few there be that find it.

Look, most people are not going to be saved.

Pokes, I hate to break it to you, but most people.

And if you become a sole owner, you will understand that

most people are not saved.

Most people are not safe.

You say you say, that’s terrible.

Well, I agree that’s terrible.

Will you help us do something about it?

Will you help us preach the gospel to people?

Will you help us get out there and get the truth to people

so people can get saved?

I mean, that’s why we’re doing what we do here.

Those are the first works right there.

Turn to First John chapter one.

Let’s get back to this idea of confessing your sins.

To keep yourself saved, to keep your own Salvation.

We’ll get First John chapter one.

The Bible says in first Challenge, chapter one and verse

number nine, the Bible says, if we confess our sins, he is

faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from

all unrighteousness.

Ah, I got it.

There it is.

If you don’t confess your sins, you’re going to hell.

Not what it says.

Let’s look back a couple verses and Let’s look forward a

couple verses.

The Bible says in verse six, if we say that we have fellowship

with him.

Oh, there it is.

This is about having a relationship with your Heavenly Father.

First John chapter one.

It is that simple.

But look, they will say, See, you have to confess your sins

or you lose your Salvation.

But look.

First John chapter one.

I just showed you from the Bible was about having fellowship

with your Heavenly Father.

But Let’s just walk the logic of this one through.

This is a great one.

Just look up here and just think through this with me.


Let’s say if you don’t, I have to operate this way.

I must confess my sins.

Which confess means to be truly sorry and to ask for forgiveness.

Okay, that’s what confession means.

Now turn to Proverbs 24.

I need to operate this way or I will lose my Salvation.

I must confess my sins or I’m done.

You’ll meet people that believe this, but they really believe

everyone’s going to heaven, so they make no sense in what

they believe themselves.

Look at problems.


Let me just walk the logic of this one through.

The Bible says in Proverbs 24 9, the thought of foolishness

is sin.

Oh, man, what in the world he thought?

I mean, having a foolish thought is a sin.

So, I mean, I got a couple of questions.

These are things that I used to think about as I was a confessional

Lutheran until I was in my 30?


Meaning you had to confess your sins to wipe that slate clean.

But Here’s the thing.

I would always think about this, what if I miss one?

What if I miss one?

And Here’s a really big one, because you can put some claws

in there.

This says, Oh, God, forgive me for all the stuff that I forgot

about. And then that gets rid of all the.

What if I miss one?

But look, Here’s another one.

What if you’re disingenuous about one?

What if there’s a sin that you know you’re not gonna stop?

What if there’s a sin that you know, you’re actively in and

you’re confessing it on Sunday morning?

You think God is an idiot?

You think you’re fooling God, you think is just gonna be

like, you know, whatever.

But Here’s the thing.

What if I just do this thing where.

Okay, Let’s just say that God believes that as long as I

confess a vein repetition.

Are you following me?

But Let’s give it the benefit of the doubt.

We confess a chant every Sunday morning.

It’s like a Salvation extender.

Think of an Etch A sketch, right?

You guys even know what that is.

You younger people, and that just gets you shake it and it’s

all clean.

You can draw on it again.


So you go there Sunday morning, you shake the exit sketch

clean. So good, right?

How long are you good for if a too much spot isn’t sin and

confessing your sin shakes the Etch A sketch.

I don’t know.

You’re good for, like, a few minutes.

I don’t know.

You know what if I have a foolish thought and then get hit

by a car sometime between someday and Sunday?

But nobody’s going to heaven on these rules.

I mean, you certainly can’t know.

I mean, do you think?

I mean, how long do you think that your Salvation slate stays

clean after you successfully reset it?

Think this through people.

It makes no logical sense.

Basically, people would have their Salvation reset for a

few minutes, and then they’d be in danger of damnation again.

You see how stupid this is?

You see how stupid it is when we try to make a logical sense

out of the alternatives of this.

So, look, the only doctrine where the Bible makes total sense

and does not contradict itself at all is the doctrine of

eternal security.

Once saved, always saved, it matches everywhere.

I remember this.

I remember this when I got this.

And then I started reading the Bible and the Bible was not

confusing to me anymore.

I was.

I mean, it all makes sense now.

It all makes sense because everything matches together perfectly.

Look, Here’s a simple Here’s three main tenets of this that

I like to think about.

Look, as far as the timeline of your Salvation, go back to

Ephesians, chapter one.

Go back to Ephesians.

Chapter one.

Here’s three tenants of eternal Salvation that I like to

think about.

The first one.

Is this your sealed?

You’re sealed.

Think of that word you’re sealed.

Think of the timeline.

This timeline up.

I got saved at this moment.

And then I have this whole life to live until my physical

death. But the Bible says that you’re sealed.

Go back to fees in chapter one.

Look at verse 13.

The Bible says in whom you also trusted.

After that, you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your

Salvation, and whom also after.

Look, there’s a time.

There’s a sequence of events happening here.

After the he believed he were sealed with that Holy Spirit

of promise.

So look, you heard.

You heard.

And then you believed.

And then you were sealed.

Now what were you sealed with?

Super low, a two ton epoxy.

Love this stuff.

We got this porcelain chicken.

It’s been broken, like, 17 times.

It never breaks in the same place because I use two ton epoxy

all the time.

It’s great glue, but it’s not going to keep your Salvation.

Okay, look, Here’s the thing.

You’re sealed with what?

The Holy Spirit.

You’re sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Of what?

Of promise, verse 14.

It gets even better.

But wait, there’s more.

Which is.

I mean, look, with this stuff with eternal security, Jesus

is just slamming this stuff home.

The Bible is just slamming this stuff home.

Look, you’re sealed with the Holy Spirit.

That’s enough for me.

I’ll need another verse.

But here it is, which is the earnest of our inheritance.

Until there’s that time again, the redemption of the purchase,

possession, until the praise.

It is glory.

Even if you say, even if you say that eternal doesn’t begin

until physical death, you’re sealed all the way up to that

time by the Holy Spirit, which is the earnest.

You know what earnest is?

It’s a down payment or a promise.

When you put an earnest payment down on a house that you’re

thinking about buying, it means I’m gonna buy this.

You know what?

If you back out from the deal, you know what happens.

You lose that money.

Turn to John chapter three.

From this moment of trust, Let’s go back to the moment of

trust. From this moment of trust, you are sealed.

Turn to John chapter three and verse 36 1 of my favorite

verses in the entire Bible.

John chapter three, verse 36 1 of the most simple to understand

verses in the entire Bible.

The Bible says, he that believeth on the Sun, half everlasting

life. Just stop there.

Look, he that believeth on the Son.

Look who’s the Son.

It’s Jesus.

We all know this half everlasting life.

It means you have it.

It’s an older word for have or you currently possess it.

It says, when you believe on Jesus, you haven’t.

You have what you have everlasting life.

And at that moment, you’re sealed.

At that moment, God put a down payment on you.

And you know what?

He put that down payment inside you.

And that down payment is, look, to believe God would take

away his Salvation and take away your Salvation is to believe

that God would walk away from his down payment.

And the down payment is him.

He would have to abandon himself.

The Holy Spirit.

Look, it’s the only thing.

Look, you decide not to buy that house, you lose that money.

God walks away from the guys, not walking away from the Holy

Spirit. You say he might be really mad at me.

Yeah, but, you know, he’s gonna keep you around because he’s

got the Holy Spirit holding you.

Put a down payment on you with the Holy Spirit.

I mean, forget you.

God’s not walking away from the Holy Spirit.

Turn to Roman 6 23.

So that’s the first one you’re sealed.

From that moment you believe you are sealed with the Holy

Spirit. The second one is this.

And I mean, it’s so simple.

It’s just beautiful that Salvation is a gift.

Roman 6 23 For the wages of sin is death.

But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ

the Lord.

You see that word gift?

You don’t earn a gift.

You don’t work for a gift.

You don’t pay for a gift.

Look, it’s the very nature of this simple term that makes

Salvation in the gospel itself so beautiful.

Hey, man, I mean, even of the smallest child understands

what a gift is.

Even the smallest child understands that a gift, once it’s

given to you, you didn’t pay for it.

The person that gave it to you, in this case, it’s through

Jesus Christ.

It’s provided by Jesus Christ.

And that it’s yours at that moment.

And then it can’t stop being yours.

Even the smallest child understands that somebody who would

give someone a gift and then take it away, you know, they’re

a liar.


And then on top of all that, so it’s a gift.

It’s Super simple.

That’s the simplicity of the gospel, folks.

And it makes perfect sense because what if God made the gospel

so complicated that it was this twisted version?

I mean, there’s a million different doctrines out there,

twisting works and faith.

But now you have to figure out which one is right.

What if the gospel was so complicated?

Only the most studied scholar in the Bible could figure it

out. Is that.

I mean, it makes sense that it would be simple.

It makes simple.

It makes sense that it would be.

You know, it’s almost like God said that he preferred the

Meek over the proud, you know, who who has a hard time with

the gospel being a gift and being eternal and having nothing

to do with themselves.

It’s nothing to do with you, to get it.

It’s nothing to do with you, to keep it.

You know, it is a really hard time with that proud people.

That’s why the more money people says and you have, and the

more successful people have in general, the more resistant

they are going to be to this simple gospel.

Oh, it being a gift.

And Here’s the last one.

Not only is the gift yours.

Not only is it a gift in it’s yours, but it’s eternal.

It’s literally eternal.

God cannot lie.

This as a matter of fact, when you logically look at this

thing as we did here, the only thing Here’s.

The thing.

The only thing that you could know if you believe that it

wasn’t eternal and that you could lose your Salvation.

The only thing that you would know if you thought you could

lose it to sin or not doing something or whatever.

The only thing that you are not confessing your sins.

The only thing that you would know is that you don’t have

it. I mean, if you were honest with yourself.

And you believe that you could lose it through these things

that we talked about this evening, the only thing that you

would know for sure is that you don’t have it, folks.

It’s the only way.

Look, this believing that you’re saved by believing in Jesus

is the only way the Bible makes sense.

It’s the only way the logic of it makes sense.

It stays simple.

Eternal life is eternal.

It happens in a moment, and you’re sealed.

In that moment.

God puts a down payment on you with His Holy Spirit.

And then all these things.

All these things.

Look, your works, confession, following the Commandments.

All these things that the Bible does talk about, they’re

all good things.

Turn to John chapter one.

They’re all good things to do as God’s children.

They’re all good things to do as God’s children.

You’re saying I can get saved and I can go do whatever I

want in my life?

Well, Yeah, you know, and you’re not gonna go to hell.

I mean, everything else, your family may go to hell, you

know? I mean, you ruin your life.

You’re gonna be chastised and beaten by God again and again

and again.

Doesn’t sound like a free ticket to me, but, Yeah, you’re

not gonna go to hell.

He’s never going to take away your Salvation.

Yet you’re still sealed, even though you’re a bad guy, and

you never go to Church.

And you’re just going to live life the way you want to live

this worldly life.

But look, you’re not gonna go to help.

But look at it or look at John chapter one, verse 12, the

Bible says, but as many as received him to them, gave he

power to become the sons of God lowercase s, even to them.

So who are the sons of God?

To them that believe on his name?

If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you’re a child of

God. You’re a son of God.

You’re a daughter of God.

I’ll turn to first John chapter two.

And God is a good father, and he will chastise his children.

The Bible talks about we’re not gonna go into depth on that,

but God will chastise his children.

So it is true to say that once somebody gets saved and they

continue in sin, that their life will change because God

is gonna beat them down.

Because now you’re a son of God.

Now you’re under different rules.

I’ve had people say that to me when they got saved, and they

believed on Jesus.

And they said, Oh, man, I think you might have just wrecked

my life.

I said, On this Earth, you may be, but not eternally on this

Earth. Maybe because you continue doing the things that you’re

doing and God, you’re not getting away with anything anymore.

Simply put, look at first John two and verse three.

And hereby we do.

We do know that we know Him.

If we keep His Commandments.

Does that say he knows you?

No, it says we know Him if we keep his Commandments.

In Matthew chapter seven, he says, I never knew you in Daniel

chapter 11 that I read you this morning.

What do we say?

Who are they going to do?

Who are they that are going to do those exploits?

They that what they that know their God.

It doesn’t say everybody that saved it says they that know

their God.

You keep God’s Commandments.

You walk in the Bible.

You keep this Christian life and you’re showing your love

for God.

Why would you not do that after He saved you?

It’s like, Here’s the best gift anyone could possibly ever

give you.

And you’re just like, Thanks.

See you later.

But that’s what everybody does.

That’s what everybody does.

It’s a character thing.

We do know him if we keep his Commandments.

Verse number six says he that say it.

He abides in him ought himself also to walk even as he walked.

It’s like you should do these things.

Romans teaches the same thing.

You should do these things.

You are no longer a slave.

You are no longer a servant to sin.

You should walk this way.

It doesn’t say you will.

You still have the flesh in you.

You still have this desire to sin.

You are still going to sin.

But you ought not to.

There’s nothing to do with Salvation.

It has everything to do with the relationship that you have

with your Heavenly Father.

And Here’s the real kicker.

The guy at the door that says, You’re telling me I can believe

on Jesus, and it’s a free ticket to heaven.

That’s exactly what I’m telling you.

You trust in Jesus.

You let go of your own works and you believe on his name

and you’re saved.

And that’s it in a moment.

But Here’s the thing.

You go out and you live the life of a drunk and you live

a wicked life.

You think your kids are going to get saved.

Do you think when you open the Bible to your kids?

Look, if you could give me the choice, that if somebody gave

me the choice, that either you’re going to go to hell, Jared,

or your child is going to go to hell, I would choose me every

time. You don’t get to make that choice.

Whether or not your children get saved and grow up in the

Lord and grow up learning the Bible and learning the Word

of God and knowing the Lord and eventually believing on Jesus

themselves. That’s up to you because they’re watching you.

They’re watching you.

Look, you’re a witness to them.

Your works matter.

Your works matter.

James, chapter two talks about how your works matter to profit

everyone around you.

You could take that Salvation and you could run with it and

just forget everybody else around you.

A lot of people do it.

A lot of people do it in this life.

But some man.

You are some father you are.

And forget about that.

You’re just throwing it in the face of God who gave his only

begotten son for you.

And for every stupid, wicked thing you’ll ever do in your

life, he gave up his only son to die and take the punishment

for you.

And you’re gonna be like, Thanks.

See you later.

You could do that because he promises that he seals you.

Look, God keeps his promise.

God keeps his promise.

These people that believe that you can lose your Salvation

unless I do something, they’re all going to go to hell.

And if they look, I hope we can get the truth to as many

as possible.

But ultimately, if they go to the grave thinking that I have

to do these things, they deserve to go to hell.

Because God did it all.

He paid it all.

He did it all.

And then he wrote it all down.

And it’s the simplest thing ever.

The choice.

The choice is up to you on what you believe.

But look, he will never let you go.


There is no way to make biblical or logical sense.

If you think about these things, of the doctrine of losing

your Salvation, it’s eternal.

Thank God that it’s eternal.

I thank God for that all the time.

And you know what?

I’ll tell you this.

If I could lose it, I would lose it.

You’re saying.

But you leave this Church.

If I could lose it, if it was possible, I would lose it.

I had some kind of person I was given the gospel to in Church

one time a few years ago.

And he said he believed that he wasn’t the sinner anymore.

First of all, he’s a liar, the Bible says.

And he looked at me, and he said, You’re telling me that

that pastor up there is a sinner?

That’s exactly what I’m telling you.

If I could lose my Salvation, I’m going to be a sinner until

the day that this body dies.

If I could lose it, I lose it.

And so would you.

You need to thank God for the fact that you’re sealed.

You need to thank God for this promise that he gave you.

Not only did he die for you, not only did he take the punishment

for you, but he promised to keep you.

If you just trust in that, that’s it.

It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

And I’m so thankful for this promise.

Eternal security with power heads an have water.

Baptist Basics: Eternal Security

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